Sunday, January 3, 2010

So I am the worst picture taker ever. This is first round for the hollidays for my little Trey and I did not take one pictrue of thanksgiving or Christmas So now I need to ask other people for theirs so I will repent and do better. Besides that we had a great holliday spent time with family and just had a fun time. We got callings in our new ward we are now in the nursery it is fun so far we will see how it works out. Be side that are boys and still growing and exsploring and testing their limmits and just being boys.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Vacationwe went to san diago last week and these are some pictures of our trip Klayton favioret stop was the beach he was able to play and run and get wet he thought it was awsome he could pick up sea shells and keep them and he just loved not being told were to go and what to do so this was his freedom spot
We took a tour of a battle ship at sea port village and this was a plan in side of the ship

This was at the san diago zoo it was one of the last pictures before my camera died and of cours we for got the charger at home so sorry we don't have tones of pictures but the zoo was one of my faviorets stops on our trip. at the zoo a monumental thing happen our little Klayton is the the energyer bunny and keeps going but at the zoo klayton finaly stoped he spent most of the time in the stroller but to his defence their are tones of hill at this zoo

one of the few things Klayton could do at the hotel is say hi on the phones we didn't spend that much time their because there was nothing for klayton to do but we go lucky that their was a pull out couch so trey sleped in the poracrib and Klayton on the couch and we did not have to share our bed with kids ya

Their was a play area at sea world that Tj and Klayton tackled at sea world their was a new piguin exsibit that was awsome and of cours the whales are just breath taking unfortionaly the dolphen show was being remodeled so we didn't get to see that show but sea world was still awsome
So in all our trip was tone of fun but defently alot of work, kids make trips alot diffrent. Also California is nice but boy did we miss Arizonia, California street are like a little kid scribbled on a pice of paper and they decided the roads should be like that, and boy do people speed and just drive crazy in general. Also they rip you off every chance they can we went to the mall and I don't think I saw one sale and just in general everything was expencive so yes the weather was good but I rather have the heat than all of the crazy of california

Sunday, August 16, 2009

we have recently become home owners so this is our familyroom and kitchen we are not quite moved in yet but we are working on it
nana Curtis got the boys matching out fits I think they look like the best of friends in that picture

Tj spent many hrs. to paint our house before we moved in and yes we put Klayton to work also but for him it was for of fun

Sweet Trey is 4 months old he had his dr's apt. and he is 15lbs 50% weight 25 1/4 60% height and 16 1/2 45% heads who would of thought being married to Tj that my kids would have small heads I am not complaining but he is a healthy happy boy

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I love silly boys
For the forth of july we went to spend a cupple of days at tj grandprents cabins in Colorodo and we got the first family picture scence Trey has been born so that was the best birthday presant for me unfortently after this picture was taken it rained the rest of the day so we were not able to have firworks show but the boys are to young to be disapointed so it was just fun watching the rain and relaxing in the beautful woods

So the other day I did what everyone said they have done but I don't belive them I had the car running with the boys still in the car and I closed my door out of habbit and the door locked automatily with the boys still in the car thankfuly the ac was on and thankfuly I have a husband who knows how to break into cars without hurting the car but ya it was I was defently panicing watching my boys scream wanting out of the car but Tj got them out and I think it was more dramtizing for me than for them and hopely I learned my lesson and I will not do it again

Friday, June 12, 2009

I love the fact that my little trey is smiling now it is the best feeling in the world to have him look at me and to be happy
But Trey did have his two month apponitment he weigh 13lb and 7oz and he is 22 3/4in so he is in the 80% for weight and 30% for height so small and chubby completely opposit than his older bother Klayton

Monday, May 18, 2009

last week Tj was awesome he took Klayton to fathers and sons witch gave me 20 hrs with just trey it was great and Klayton loved it they also went with Tj dad and brothers and Klayton cuison Jaxon it was a great for the boys .

these are the loves of my life two babys is deffently harder than one but it is worth it I am officaly to the point that I get some sleep at night so my boys now love me again it is nice to have pacience again

Monday, April 6, 2009

On April 4th 2009 I had my little boy His name is Trey Jacob Curtis He was 8lb 1oz 20 1/2 in long so he is big baby for me

This is by far one of the crazyest days of my life you think that you have a basic idea of what is going to happen after having one baby but just like you hear all the time every baby is different. Contractions started at night and I waited until 5am to wake Tj up to get packed and ready to go to the hospital I was not in a hug hurry at all. So by the time we got ready and droped Klayton off at nanas and got to the hosptial it was 6:45 . We signed in and went to treauge and they started to check me but it was in the middle of shift change so they only hooked up the contration machine not checked to see how for along I was. So when they did a half hr. latter I was at a 10 ready to push. So they got stuff started and the anistishalgist said I didn't have time for a epaderal so I was bumbed. Then they took me to delivery but their was no rooms ready but my water just broked and I was haveing the baby no matter what . So they wheeled me in a room the they were still cleaning and their was no time to put me on the delivery table so they grabed a dr form across the hall she put her gloves on just had time to catch the baby . So I didn't have my dr I didn't have a epaderal they didn't even have time to put a Iv in me so it was very fast. The good part is I realy only had to push 2 to 5 times before the baby came out. So very fast very unexspected and very memerable. So we arrived at 6:45 and we had Trey at 7:42 but is going to be one of my fun stoies I tell for the rest of my life
Here are my two little angles you can't realy tell but they look so much alike when they were the same age